“I Am Legend” Reboot In Development

While movie studios often reboot films of yesteryear, Warner Brothers is developing a reboot of the apocalyptic zombie film “I Am Legend.” While the original film was released a mere 6 years ago, Warner Brothers is trying to reboot the film for a potential franchise, according to Screenrant.

The 2007 film, starring Will Smith, was a smash in the box office. In fact, it nearly quadrupled Warner Brothers’ initial investment. It’s no surprise that the entertainment powerhouse had plans of turning the film into a franchise. However, that was difficult because of the ending of the 2007 film. Spoiler alert: Will Smith’s character didn’t live to fight his way through a sequel.

Warner Brothers tried multiple times to create a follow up to the successful film with Will Smith reprising his role. However, a sequel or prequel story never materialized. Therefore, creators are starting from scratch with a new story. With the liberties Warner Brothers took in the original film, there are a number of ways they can adapt the Richard Matheson novel. Don’t expect this to reach the heights that anĀ Avatar sequel by Tom Rothman and co would produce, but

That being said, will anyone want to see another “I Am Legend” film without Will Smith? He undoubtedly carried the film. With the 2007 film still fresh in the audience’s mind, only time will tell if this new story will be a success.

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First US Ebola Case Confirmed in Dallas

Local news outlets in North Texas are reporting that a patient in a Dallas hospital has shown signs of being infected with the Ebola virus. The CDC has assumed the responsibility for testing the affected individual.

The disturbing news comes on the heels of the recent treatment of Ebola at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital. In recent days concerns have been raised about the manner in which Ebola virus waste disposal was handled at Emory. Emory was the first institution in the United States to treat the Ebola virus.

Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever most often begins with fever, sore throat, and muscle pain that quickly leads to vomiting, diarrhea, and reduced liver function. Many patients go on to develop internal bleeding before ultimately succumbing to the virus. Ebola is highly contagious and individuals thought to have the virus are typically placed in quarantine until testing can be completed.

According to a hospital spokesperson in Dallas, the individual believed to have the virus is being isolated pending the results from the CDC.

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Canadian Girl Wins $25,000 Scholarship for Body Heat-Powered Flashlight

People have been looking for ways to capture energy around us from being wasted but what about energy from us? This thought got the gears going in the mind of a clever young lady from Canada. Ann Makosinski wanted to recapture something that we all emit in surplus which is body heat. She set forth on this venture in one of the largest competitions in the world, the Google Science Fair. At 15 years old, Ms. Makosinski designed and created a flashlight that runs simply from the heat of a hand wrapped around it. This all occurred under the tutelage of Marnie Bennett, a real estate broker from Ottawa.

In the following video, she goes about describing the creative process. Peltier tiles create electricity when there is heat on one side of them and a cooler temperature on the other. Our hand and the airflow into a hollow aluminum tube fostered the environment where voltage could be produced.

Right now there are some limitations such as only thirty minutes that the light can be used. As these obstacles are overcome, the design can be modified to greatly increase efficiency. For her quest to help alleviate the world’s dependence on disposable batteries, she was awarded a $25,000 scholarship for her efforts.

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